Q: How Many CC’s Do I Need To Get Big Results For BBL?

October 12, 2011, 5:57 pm

hi. How many cc’s do I need to see big results? i have no butt as u can see in my pics. i have 27 years old ..5’7 and 160 lbs!!! i want a normal to big results!! i dont know if im a candidate…how many cc i need to see normal to big results and i dont know if i have that fat. please help me! thanks a lot drs!!!

A: Brazilian butt lift and the amount of fat

I think you would have great results with a liposuction fat injection.

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat Injection. Liposuction plays a major role in creating the curve. When you create a small narrow waist with liposuction this plays a major role in creating the hourglass figure. As long as the waist is narrower than the hips you will be curvy.

The fat injection change is a square buttocks into a round buttocks. So I think of the liposuction as a cake at the fat injection has the icing.

In my hands I think you have 1200 and 1500 mL of fat for injection.

You can look at my profile or my website to see before-and-after photographs so you get an idea of what kind of changes you may have. The curve is where it’s at.